Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Spotted: Celebrities in Andorra

Just because of Andorra’s seemingly isolated location in the mountains, there is no reason to underestimate the small charming Principality. Perhaps being one of the six tiny microstates in Europe is precisely the reason why so many celebrities love the country. Not only are they finally able to enjoy a little privacy, but also get to benefit from great activities, stunning food and wonderful five star hotels.

The picturesque landscape is unique and allows for pure relaxation. As the country is very small, its main centre lies in the capital, Andorra de la Vella. Consequently, a grand variety of luxurious hotels, spas and gourmet restaurants are easy to reach. Furthermore, Andorra totally lives up to its reputation as shopping paradise and attractive low-tax jurisdiction for high net worth individuals. Just the right spot for celebs to hide!

Celebrities in Andorra: Who you may spot 

It is a fact that famous people in general tend to avoid public places. In the shelter of Andorra they feel more comfortable though. Going out without encountering crowds of rubbernecks is what celebs are looking for.

Moreover, Andorra is quite popular among football stars. None other than Lionel Messi is a frequent guest in the central restaurant Don Denis. If you plan to visit, do not forget to ask for Messi’s favourite tapas. Almost all Barcelona football players are frequent visitors to the restaurant. No wonder, the owner proudly shows around pictures of catered politicians, athletes and musicians.

Many celebs grew up in the Principality and then moved to different places, but regularly come back visiting friends and family. Top model and ex-girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Merche Romero was born in Andorra and surely misses the fresh mountain breeze. He has been here before, as well, when the Portuguese team played against Andorra in the qualification for the next World Cup.

Jorge Lorenzo – the famous Spanish Formula 1 pilot – moved to Andorra recently, where he also opened the doors to his World Champions Museum. With more than 100 items like Valentino Rossi’s and Vettel’s helmets, it is definitely a must-see for your trip to Andorra. Furthermore, Marc Márquez, MotoGP world champion, has recently moved from Spain.

Why do Celebrities choose Andorra?

It is not a secret that people with enormous income benefit tremendously from the Andorran tax regulations. Especially for the rich and famous, the country is a real alternative to living in Switzerland, Monaco or other high-end destinations. Instead of curious visitors spending their time celebrity hunting. Andorra offers peace and quiet, stunning views, great food and wellness to anyone.

So when you are visiting, do not miss to pay close attention while wandering the streets of the Principality. Chances are good; you will meet a few familiar faces, because celebrities definitely love Andorra even more than we do.