Thursday, 30 November 2023

Quality of life in Andorra

Over the last couple of years, Andorra has become an attractive place to relocate. The high quality of life the country offers makes it a wonderful place to live for locals and foreigners alike. A very high employment rate and the firm economy as well as good healthcare facilities and an educational system of Spanish, French, Catalan and International schools are important life quality factors that speak for themselves. According to the latest indexes, cost of living, pollution, traffic commute and property prices are quite low. Whereas safety and health care are very highly rated. However, the high living standards of the Principality are made up of a variety of several other components.

Healthy lifestyle and activities in nature

Andorra’s beautiful mountains offer a considerable variety of activities ranging from hiking to skiing or biking. Distances are short and there is hardly any traffic. This way you can avoid stress and calmly take care of your daily occupations. With the right sports equipment you will get to enjoy the famous ski resort Grandvalira, which offers a great variety of activities for all seasons. Mushing, playing golf and archery in the nature adventure park “Naturlandia” are some other activities that will lighten up your spirit.

Also known for its fresh and pure air Andorra is a beautiful retreat for anyone wanting to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. This the reason why the average inhabitant of Andorra has a life expectancy of 85 years, one of the highest worldwide. A stress-free lifestyle, a broad variety of natural foods and walking within hillsides produce vivid and healthy people.

The weather and location

Weather conditions in Andorra are favourably good – being one of the most important factors contributing to the living quality of any country. In summer, temperatures usually stay below 32 degrees with low humidity and nice snowy winters offer perfect skiing conditions. Its prime location nestled between France and Spain, enables people to visit one of the many enjoyable beaches and major cities located only a short drive away.

Low crime rate

Finally, Andorra provides political stability and a very low crime rate. Small villages and lots of nature round up the profile of this very clean and safe country. Because of its high standard of living, there is simply no need for crime.

In conclusion, Andorra has much to offer for anyone. A safe location, savoury gastronomy and beautiful nature make of Andorra the perfect country to live and work in.