Saturday, 3 June 2023

Autumn in Andorra

When thinking of Andorra I imagine white snow-topped mountains and a winter paradise. Although this is what Andorra is famous for, there is yet another season that should not be forgotten: Beautiful Autumn. It is one of my favourite seasons because winter is looming ahead, while we are still in time of transformation. Trees exchange their green clothes with yellow, orange or red colours. With every blast of wind golden leaves drop on the floor as they slowly bid farewell to summer and embrace winter.

What to do in autumn

Now it is time for long and thoughtful walks. Time to get out your candles and start brewing up teas and warm soups. Watch the mountain tops grow whiter and whiter as temperatures drop from September to November and enjoy the changing views upon the villages. But autumn in Andorra is not only about nature, you will also find exciting events during this time of the year.

Take “VERTICAL KILOMETER VALLNORD-CPA” for example, which forms part of the calendar of the Skyrunner National Series. The race, covering a distance of 3.5 km with height differences up to 1,020 metres, takes place on October, the 30th.

On the last Saturday in November there is yet another sportive event with a deep meaning. The “Rosa del Nord pays” reminds people of the escape routes during World War II and the Spanish Civil War. The long route measures 21 kilometres with a height difference of 1600 metres. If this is too much for you, you might also consider participating in the shorter route of 11 kilometres with only 700 metres of height difference. Feel the falling leaves underneath your feet, breathe the clean and fresh air and lose yourself within the colourful trees. The best place to fully experience autumn in Andorra is outside and on the walking paths.

Relax in autmn

But let’s not forget wonderful spas like INUU and Caldea, which become particularly inviting the colder it gets. Also cafés and restaurants are as enticing as ever, where you can warm up after a cold hike. The smell of apples, pears, oranges and mandarins is a common companion during this time where we remember saints and our ceased loved ones. My personal recommendation is to take in this season at its fullest and watch nature change as winter slowly approaches.