Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Wellness in Andorra

For me, coming to Andorra means fleeing the stressful way of living in the city. It is a nature paradise for those looking to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Either skiing, biking, trekking or even mountain hiking are only some of the sport activities you get to enjoy here. Though after a day loaded with action, you simply need somewhere to calm down and enjoy “Wellness in Andorra”.

What better way of relaxing than visiting a nice spa? For locals and visitors there is a variety of prominent wellness temples to pick from, places where you can just switch off and find shelter from a life full of stress.

Wellness tips for Andorra

Following some of my friends’ recommendations, I finally decided to give myself over to pleasure and visited Caldea on the second Saturday in May. This is a magnificent natural spa right in the middle of Andorra. The place offers its guests a beautiful light and music show on Saturdays. So I wanted to see if it’s worth the fuss. And it was!

Sitting in a nice hot Jacuzzi, I closed my eyes as I was listening to the roaring water, when all of a sudden everything around me turned dark. Music flooded the venue as shining planets became visible at the ceilings. Then thunder, smoke, fire and fountains started popping up here and there as the pools were lit up in red, blue and purple. It was a truly romantic and unforgettable night. That is what wellness in Andorra is all about.

I didn’t have the time to try out the whole range of “extra care” they offer, but for message and treatment lovers, Caldea definitely is the right address. I booked my visit on the official website (http://www.caldea.com/es) and paid 30 € for the two last opening hours on Saturday night, including several dry saunas and natural mint and sea salt steaming baths.

Try it yourself

Generally, I’ve never lived in a more relaxing place than Andorra. Everything is within reach, as long as you have a car, and the mountain sights are simply breathtaking. The food I’ve tasted was appetizing and the air quality is one of the best worldwide. What more can you wish for?