Tuesday, 7 February 2023

The Cloud – modern architecture in Andorra

What do the Telecom, Gerard Arias and Andorra La Vela have in common? They are building an astonishing new architecture project. The Cloud, a visionary building in the middle of the country. The staggering construction will surely turn into the new highlight of Andorra La Vela.

A brilliant Andorran architect for the Cloud

First of all, Gerard Arias, a very ambitious architecture student, always dreamt about designing a building that would resemble a living wonder. Quickly after graduating from the Escola Superior d’Arquitectura de la Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, the young entrepreneur decided moving to Geneva. While in Switzerland he began assisting Oliver Guenin on one of his most ambitious projects. The relocation of the Transocean World Headquarters into its brand new building. Furthermore, Arias joined Mario Blanco, a close friend from university. Together they started working on a new project called ARID – a studio of architecture based in Andorra.

ARID started in 2010 and has already conducted several projects. The Loop Centre and the brand-new design of the Universitat de les Valls were two of their major accomplishments in the country. Arias and Blanco entered the Andorra Telecom competition to design the new offices of the telecommunications company. The two gifted friends won out of fourteen proposals , because of their originality. The judges based their decision on factors like cost, sustainability and maintenance.

Andorra’s new attraction

Unlike most buildings in the Pyrenean country, The Cloud will probably trigger a major change in Andorra La Vela. The construction will soon become the new attraction pole of Meritxell Avenue. It will offer room for offices, host a museum, a technology park and 2.500 square metres space of commercial. The impressive oval-shaped building is to be fully equipped with photovoltaic panels and LED screens and it will consist of 14 stories built upon an underground auditorium with a capacity for 376 people. It will for sure be the most photographed building in Andorra and position the little Principality for a moment side by side with Dubai and Singapore.

Finally Andorra Telecom will finance the Cloud. Therefore, Jordi Alcobé, President of the Governance Board, has already announced, the building will have a total cost of approximately 30 million Euros. The architects are planning to finish their project in 2019.